The Most Legitimate Credit Repair Companies

Credit scores are becoming more important as the days go by. More and more companies are today considering their client’s credit scores before they can offer their services. When your credit score is low, your ability to obtain credit, rent a house, get a good job, get good insurance terms among other things is affected so much because you are considered as a risky borrower. When applying for a loan, some loan lenders will reject your application and others will charge a higher interest rate because of a low credit score. That is why we have credit repair companies.

Credit repair companies are very efficient in matters to do with eliminating the negative items on credit reports in order to repair your score. These companies do this so easily because they know the system too well and how it works from the inside out. This is what makes it hard for an individual to repair their own credit score. The outdated items on our credit report, those that are inaccurate and also the erroneous items may be the reason why your credit score is low. These companies know too well how to remove those items in order to give a significant boost to your credit score. Then you will not have difficulties convincing lenders to loan you money at a good interest rate.

What makes a legitimate credit repair company?

A credit repair company that is able to meet your needs is the most ideal to work with. Many people pay a lot of money for credit repair but they never get to see good results. You therefore have to be sure that you are working with the best company at all times. Here are some tips you might consider in picking out the best credit company:

1. How long the credit repair company has been in business

Experience is always good when you are choosing a service provider and for such an important service as credit repair, you do not want to take chances with a company that is not well known. A company’s track record speaks volumes about the kinds of services you will get and this is how you know if it is worth your attention or not. If a company has been in business long enough, it means that it has a strong foundation. It has also acquired good experience to be able to serve its clients better.

Three years or more is a lon The fees the company charges for its servicesg enough time for a credit repair company to master all it needs to help its clients to repair their credit scores.

2. What rating the credit repair company has on BBB?

Better Business Bureau is a body that evaluates the success and validity of American businesses. Its rating is very important as it shows just how good and credible the business is. Many consumers use the same body to file a complaint if they have a problem with a certain service. This reflects on the rating the company gets in the end. For a good credit repair company, you need a strong and positive rating to be sure that you are dealing with a good service provider.

New credit repair companies will obviously not have a good rating because they are just getting started. This is how you avoid paying for services whose effectiveness you are not sure about. With BBB, you do not have to worry about getting the best credit repair service. You can use the body to get all the information it has uncovered when investigating the credit repair company you are interested in.

3. The fees the credit repair company charges for its services

The cost of credit repair services should be important to you, which is why you need to work with a company that charges a reasonable fee. There are some credit repair companies that charge so much more than they should. Others have hidden charges, which makes the services even more expensive. There are others that promise low-cost services that are charged per item. All these are companies to avoid. If you need a good credit repair service, do not be quick to pay more than $500 for all the services rendered.

Go through the charges for the legitimate credit repair companies you know, and then pick out one that charges fairly to avoid paying a lot more than you should.

4. The length of time it will take to see results

On average, many companies take about 6 months to repair their client’s credit score. This, however, depends on the details one has on their credit report, the amount and type of negative items that have to be removed. This means that the length of time it will take to see results varies from one individual to the other. However, it is important to consider this time so as not to be kept waiting by a credit repair company that is in no hurry to help you.

By 45 days after the beginning of the credit repair process, one should start seeing results. This is because the credit repair company will take about 30 days to investigate the different disputes on your credit report. If you have so many negative items on your credit report, you might have to wait a little longer to see results.

The most legitimate credit companies:

There are so many scam credit repair services on the market today. That is why it helps a lot to know which ones are legitimate. Working with a trustworthy company that can guarantee its services can be a great relief especially if you have struggled for a long time with a low credit score. A legitimate credit repair company is one that is reliable, can be trusted; will meet the end of its bargain and one that will not mess up your relationship with your lenders. For the best of these services, you need to work with the best service providers. Here are some of the few services that stand out above all the others:

1. Discount Credit Repair

Our most recommended credit repair company is Discount Credit Repair. There are a large number of reasons for this. The first of these is that it has been voted the Best Credit Company for the year 2016 and 2017. Second, it is controlled by a team of Credit Repair experts and credit repair specialists who are skilled in a wide range of areas, including legal. The team is consistently being increased to cater to new customers, meaning that at no time are they strained or hampered when it comes to delivering first class service. In addition, it is possible to receive tracking of any issues that you raise on your credit report, so that they can be cleared up in excellent time. Their reputation for brilliant service is unsurpassed.

2. Credit Target:

This is among the best credit repair company you will find in the country today. It is the only credit repair company that is run by actual lawyers. The company offers guaranteed services; therefore clients are only required to pay for services that have already been completed.

The first service is called Concord Standard and it mainly deals with the fundamentals of credit repairs. Under this service, the mistake on your credit report will be fixed, letters of good faith will be sent to your lenders and also, the service providers will look for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be.

The second phase is the Concord Premier. On this level, clients are taken to the next level of assistance, where their credit is monitored on a monthly basis. Service providers also take you through credit score improvement analysis especially if the first phase did not yield much success.

After that, there is the PremierPlus phase, which adds identity fraud alerts and personal finance tools to the first two phases in order to help you monitor your finances. The company has established an excellent customer service network that is helpful and quite supportive.

3. USA Credit Repair

This is among the most affordable credit repair companies in the country today. It may not have all the fancy offers that are seen in other credit repair companies but it has trustworthy and highly reliable credit repair services you can count on for the best results. The company offers straightforward credit repair services that are easy to understand and therefore easy to pay for. They will fix mistakes on your credit report; send good faith letters to your lenders as well as look for legal loopholes just so they can get your credit score back to where it should be.

Sky Blue also offers its services on a monthly basis; therefore clients are free to cancel the services any time they want. Having been in the market for a long time, it has mastered different ways through which it can effectively help their clients attain a better credit score. Its services are guaranteed, with a full 90-day refund guarantee no matter what the reason.

To serve its clients even better, the company has put together a very efficient and helpful customer service network that does its best to help and offer support.

4. The Credit People Credit Repair Company

This is a great credit repair company too. First of all, it offers a seven-day trial for a small fee of $19, which is good because you can try it out before you buy the service. The company also offers a lump sum price for 6-month services which is a great and affordable offer. There is also a choice for people who prefer to pay on a monthly basis.

One of the things that make this company stand out from the rest is its straightforward services, which are similar to what is offered at Sky Blue. It offers clear credit repair services including fixing any mistakes that could be on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders as well as looking for any legal loopholes that could help get your credit score to where it should be.

The company is easy to deal with and clients can cancel whenever they wish. There is generally a mixed reaction on how other reviewers have written about the company. But it has a great feature, which is the money back guarantee. This is what assures you of a full refund just in case you are dissatisfied with the services rendered. If for instance you had paid for six months and you want out before they are over, you can cancel if you are not satisfied and still get back all your money.

Customer support service offered by the company is a bit limited. You can for instance call between 8 am and 5 pm. You can email the company and its customer support will get back to you within 24 hours.

Be careful about credit repair companies scams

It is unfortunate that scammers are all over the internet these days and they pose as credible credit repair companies only to steal from you and offer no help. For a person that is new in these kinds of dealings, it might be a great challenge determining what a legitimate company is and what a scam is. However, there are telltale signs, and these can tell you where you are headed to. If a company guarantees to raise your credit score within a short period of time, they may not be genuine. A genuine company will take time to study your credit report before they can give you any assurances. Other scammers will ask you to make a large amount of money as an upfront deposit. A genuine credit repair company will only charge for services it has rendered.

It is good to be on the lookout not to be scammed in the process of repairing credit scores. Take time to conduct an intense research and to compare different services so as to be sure that the company whose services you will buy is a genuine one.